Payton (Pepper) #S7333: Female DOG
Payton (Pepper)   
Payton (Pepper)   ID: S7333   DOG
Available Available: 2/20/2023     Location: Location: Kennel: Quarantine/Dog (at Humane Society of North Central Arkansas; building: none)

Breed: BLACK LABRADOR RETRIEVER Spayed/neutered: Yes
Color: BLACK/WHITE SPOTS Age: 2 years
Size: Large Weight: 47.03 lbs.
Gender: Female

Hello there, I'm Payton (Pepper). I've got a heart full of love and a spirit bursting with curiosity. I'm the goofball who'll make you laugh, the brave soul who'll protect you, and the loyal friend who'll never leave your side. I'm smart too, I love learning new tricks and exploring new places. I'm as playful as a pup, always ready for a game of fetch or a good belly rub. But I also cherish my independence, I'm not afraid to venture out on my own. I'm the perfect mix of energy and tranquility, a friend for all seasons. Adopt me, and you'll never have a dull moment. I promise to fill your life with joy, laughter, and unconditional love.
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